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Annual Conference Greenlane: Brands, Borders and Beyond - 14 november

Challenges for authorities and businesses in respect of customs and product compliance and the enforcement of IPR upon EU importation

Driven by technological innovations, digitalization and the rise of international e-commerce, over the past decades the volume of the international flows of goods has increased rapidly and the fabric of global trade has changed beyond recognition. Particularly in Asia new markets have emerged producing large volumes of products designated for import into the EU.

Simultaneously the EU has regulated access to the EU common market to ensure a high level of product safety, while creativity and product innovations are encouraged acknowledging that a solid framework and effective enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) is critical to sustaining economic growth.

As it regularly appears that products imported from third countries into the EU do not meet the essential legal requirements of product compliance and infringe IPR, the growth and increasing complexity of global trade puts pressure and poses unprecedented challenges on both supervisory authorities and businesses in the EU.

Control and enforcement in these fields concentrate at the border where customs authorities play a key surveillance role, next to their main task to levy import duties and thus prevent duty evasion through misclassification and undervaluation which seem to typically occur in respect of large volumes of low cost products and international e-commerce consignments as well.

Whether the result of lack of knowledge, frauds or unfair trade practices, it is clear that unsafe products, counterfeits and duty evasion, cause significant damage to the economy of the EU and form an urgent and serious threat to society in general.

During the conference ‘Brands, Borders and Beyond’ policy makers, business experts, representatives of customs authorities and the IPR, trade and customs lawyers of Greenlane, will give their view on the interconnected challenges for authorities and businesses in respect of customs and product compliance and the protection and enforcement of IPR upon EU importation.

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Waar: Hotel nhow Rotterdam, Wilhelminakade 137, 3072 AP, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 14 November 2019, 09:00 – 17:00

Prijs: EUR 125 (excluding VAT) (incl. coffee/tea, lunch, drinks reception)