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The Return - Kunst en IE


In February 2022 deLex organizes an exhibition at Pulchri Studio in The Hague along with a series of (online) flash seminars on Art & IP, under the title 'The Return'. With Brigitte Spiegeler as curator, various (international) experts will discuss the legal, practical and IP aspects of making, trading and collecting art. It is possible to take part on location or online, participants can sign up for only one or for multiple seminars.
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Topics of the seminars:

Seminar 1, Return to the source, 'the making of' 
Copyright and art practice
Seminar 2, New ways of dispute resolution in Art matters
Seminar 3, Return the money 

Droit de Suite - Resale right - renumeration returns back to the maker
Seminar 4, Return to the owner
Restitution of art, shifiting positions - looking back and into the future
Seminar 5, Return to the future 
Artificial Intelligence, law & art