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The Return - Kunst en IE | 7 t/m 29 mei

The Return: unique exhibition with series of seminars on Art & Law in Europe
Mark your calendars! In May 2022, deLex is organizing an exhibition at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague, around a series of flash seminars on art and intellectual property in Europe, on the theme "The Return". With Brigitte Spiegeler as curator, various (European) experts will discuss the legal and practical aspects of making, selling, and collecting art, especially within the European Union. The exhibition will open with a vernissage on May 7, 2022, at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague.

Parallel to this, we show work of six international artists in group exhibition 'The Return' in the Mesdag room of Pulchri Studio from 7 May- 29 May.

Exhibition - The Return
The theme: "the return", the return, the turning point, the desire to go back to a certain moment, a certain place or situation or to a still uninhibited state of being. This theme affects everyone in a personal, unique way. It affects not only the artists involved, but every individual, certainly in the present time. In addition to the exhibition, we organize various events where this subject is discussed by several experts from Europe, albeit in a different way.

The artists:

Ruth Biller - Germany (Berlin)
Gaetano di Gregorio - Italy (Venice)
Boukje Janssen - The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Brigitte Spiegeler - The Netherlands, lives and works in The Hague
Ekin Su Koc - Turkey, lives and works in Germany (Berlin)
Sina Dyks – The Netherlands (The Hague)

The opening in Pulchri is on May 7, 2022 at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague.

The Return: unique series of seminars on Art and Law in Europe
The sub-seminars all concern a different legal aspect within the theme “The Return”, especially within the European legislative framework. The seminars will take place in the exhibition space.
Topics of the seminars:

Seminar 1, Return the money – Friday May 13
Droit de Suite - Resale right - remuneration returning to the maker since the European directive transposition
Copyright and art practice in Europe and in the world

Seminar 2, Return to the future – Friday May 20
Artificial Intelligence, NFT´s and Blockchain, European law & art

Seminar 3, Return to the owner – Wednesday May 25
Restitution of Art and dispute resolution

Participants can sign up for only one or for multiple seminars.
Check this link or email to for more details!

* Dates and programming subject to change